Kenneth W. Horne, Sr. and Fred Douglas Wood founded HORNWOOD, INC.  Horne was a graduate of The College of Textiles at North Carolina State College.  Wood attended Clemson College, also studying textiles.  Both men met while working in Pennsylvania and dreamed of returning to the South to start a business.  They felt that tricot knitting, which was used mostly for lingerie, could be expanded into other diverse markets.

Horne and Wood found investors in Anson County, North Carolina and Hornwood Warp Knitting Corporation opened in October 1946 with 13 employees.


In 1962, Hornwood Warp Knitting Corporation joined Wullschleger Inc., a print converter business based in New York, to form Wansona, a dyeing, finishing and printing plant, in Wadesboro, North Carolina.

In 1969, Hornwood Warp Knitting Corporation's name was changed to HORNWOOD, INC.

In 1970, HORNWOOD, INC. and the Graniteville Company, a weaving company based in Graniteville, South Carolina, formed Kenville Incorporated, a vertical plant with tricot knitting, dyeing and finishing operations in Lilesville, North Carolina.

In 1973, HORNWOOD, INC. purchased Graniteville Company's half of Kenville Incorporated.

In 1974, HORNWOOD, INC. sold its interest in Wansona.

In January 1987, Horne's two sons, Kenneth "Kenny" Walter Horne, Jr. and Charles "Chuck" David Horne purchased all of the stock of HORNWOOD, INC.  The Horne sons continue to own and to operate HORNWOOD, INC.

In August 2002, HORNWOOD, INC. formed a joint sales venture with Lee Fashion Fabrics, Inc., a privately owned tricot knitting, embossing and laminating company, based in New York.  The joint venture was called Hornwood & Lee Fashion Textile Partners LLC. 

In January 2004, HORNWOOD, INC. purchased Lee’s assets and its interest in the joint venture and reverted to the name HORNWOOD, INC. 

In April 2004, HORNWOOD, INC. purchased Fairlanes, a knitting company located in Gibsonville, North Carolina. 

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