HORNWOOD, INC. Ropes Course (Lilesville Plant Only) is an outdoor, experiential learning center designed to promote:


1) problem-solving skills,

2) team-building skills,

3) self-esteem, and

4) confidence skills.



Although HORNWOOD, INC. Ropes Course was established primarily for HORNWOOD, INC. Partners, outside groups participate in HORNWOOD, INC. Ropes Course. Among those outside groups participating in HORNWOOD, INC. Ropes Course are:


1) school athletic teams,

2) leadership groups,

3) church groups, and

4) other business staff.



To schedule a session at HORNWOOD, INC. Ropes Course, contact HORNWOOD, INC. Ropes Course Manager, Benny Burr (704-848-4121). Group participation fees are subject to change.


In 1991, HORNWOOD, INC. Partners built HORNWOOD, INC. Ropes Course, with the assistance of  Dr. Al Haltiwanger of the Beth Haltiwanger Retreat in Urwarrie, North Carolina.





HORNWOOD, INC., a totally tobacco-free company, encourages wellness and preventive care for its partners. In fact, HORNWOOD, INC. supports the American Red Cross by offering on-site, routine blood donations. HORNWOOD, INC. invites the community to participate in those blood drives. Moreover, in 2003, HORNWOOD, INC. established HORNWOOD, INC. Fitness Center. The Fitness Center has various exercise machines that HORNWOOD, INC. Partners utilize at no charge.


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